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Dairy Industry Impact Grant: Application Guide

Step 1: Watch the grant webinar.

The webinar contains the most detailed overview of the program and the application process, including many questions that you might have. This should be the first introduction to this year's application process.

Step 2: Register for the new online application system here.
More information about how to register can be found below. If you will be working with a collaborator (colleagues, grant writers, etc.), please begin an application and use the collaborate feature to invite them to join the application. Step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for using the new system can be found here.

Step 3:
Please view the sample application and application materials below so that you can prepare your answers in advance. Read the detailed instructions for the 4 major application components and draft your responses. All templates and instructions will be linked again at the bottom of the page.

  • Project Summary- this should be 3-5 paragraphs explaining your current business, the proposed project, and its impact on your business.
    • Instructions: You should include details about any new value-added products or processes developed, job(s) created or retained, expected increases in sales volumes, expected expansion of export endeavors, or any benefits at the local or regional level. Please click here for instructions and a simple example.
  • Project Work Plan and Timeline- this can be organized by phase/step or chronologically (a chart is also acceptable). Please identify several key steps or phases of the project, estimated start and end dates, and the resources required.
    • Instructions: Please click here for instructions, an optional template, and an example. If you upload a file instead of directly entering text on the online application, please name your file COMPANY NAME_WORK PLAN.
  • Project Budget- this budget should be comprehensive for the project and include all costs, eligible and ineligible, regardless of if you intend to use grant funds. For example, you should include relevant construction costs even though those are ineligible and will not be funded with grant dollars. The template is similar to what you will be asked to complete in the online application; we recommend completing the template first and then entering the information into the application system. No other budget format will be accepted. A list of commonly approved expenses can be found here.
  • Business Plan- the business plan offers a comprehensive view of your business and its current strategies and financial standing. In the case of a small or new business, there may be significant overlap between the project plan and the business plan. Creating a business plan is a valuable tool for your business and should be approached as a standalone document (do not reference other sections of the application). The outline must be followed, and the final document must be uploaded directly to the application. Business plans in alternative formats will not be accepted; the outline is mandatory.
    • Instructions: Please click here to download the required outline and instructions. We encourage applicants to meet with Small Business Development Centers to improve the business plan and project budget in particular. Please name your file COMPANY NAME_BUSINESS PLAN.

Step 4: Collect any project or business data required for the application.

Make sure you have the contact information, demographic and business information easily accessible before you begin the application.

Step 5: Solicit vendor quotes to support the Project Budget.

Quotes are required for equipment items; quotes are strongly encouraged for all other items. The source of any budget request must be identified (i.e., quote, estimate, or personal research). Please view the webinar for a more specific discussion of eligible expenses. Please name your file VENDOR QUOTE_ITEM NAME.

Step 6: Return to the online application link here. Complete the application, upload required documents and submit before the deadline.

All submitted applications will receive a confirmation email.

Grant Webinar and Sample Application

View the webinar here

The webinar contains the most detailed overview of the program and the application process, including many questions that you might have. This should be the first introduction to this year's application process.

View the sample application here


We recommend that you complete the registration process ASAP to ensure there won't be any delays at the deadline.

Please navigate to this page: Applicant Logon Page

NOTE: If you are a grant writer or otherwise providing assistance to a company, please do NOT register in the system. If you will be assisting with the application on behalf of a company, please contact Emily at for further instructions.

  1. Click “Create New Account”. As noted above, only a representative of the organization should create an account.

  2. Complete the required information for yourself and your organization and click “Create Account.”

  3. If you are not the business owner, you will be asked to provide the contact information for the owner of the company.

  4. You will be sent a confirmation email to verify your registration. You do not need to take any action in that email, but please click “I have received the email” on the next page in GLM and click “Continue.”

  5. If you will be collaborating with colleagues, grant writers, etc., you will have the opportunity to invite them using the "Collaborate" feature as soon as you begin the application.

Applying Online

After you have an account, you may begin the DBIA grant application.

When you are logged in, you will see “Apply” at the top of the page.

  1. Click Apply to view available grant opportunities.

  2. Select the opportunity and click “Apply” when you are ready to begin your application.

  3. Collaborate feature: If you have a partner, grant writer, etc., you may invite them to edit and/or submit the application by clicking on "Collaborate" at the top right corner. Please choose between the different levels of permission depending on if you would like someone to be able to view (no changes), edit (make changes but not submit), or submit (make changes and submit the application on your behalf).

  4. The system will automatically save as you enter information. You can also click "Save" at the bottom of the page at any time. You can return to the application by logging in and clicking on the application on your dashboard

  5. When you are ready to submit your application, click “Submit Application” at the bottom of the page. You cannot make any changes after you have submitted your application.

There are two additional buttons at the top of the application page: Application Packet and Question List.

  1. Application Packet will allow you to download your submitted application after you have completed your application.

  2. Question List will allow you to download a blank version of the application for you to view offline. This is the same as the sample application provided to you.


If you have questions about how the application process works, please also see this general applicant resource created by GLM: It contains screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the instructions, please contact Emily at

Project Details: Use the instructions, templates and examples provided on this page to craft a strong grant application.

The project summary should be a clear overview of what you are proposing to accomplish with DBIA grant funds and its impact on your business. The project work plan and timeline and project budget should complement the project summary to give reviewers a breakdown of your plan and requirements for the project.

The business plan is a standalone document that represents the overall state of your business (even if your proposed project is currently your only business activity). There may be some overlap between the information you share on the project plans and the business plan; please do not reference other documents and ensure each document can be understood independently.

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