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The CDR Butter Group provides technical knowledge and resources to help buttermakers produce and develop high-quality butter. In addition to providing technical support, the CDR Butter Group also offers several short courses and an apprenticeship program.

Buttermaking Fundamentals Short Course

This course thoroughly explores the basics of producing and evaluating butter – from definitions and history to chemistry, microbiology, manufacturing, and packaging. While the breadth of information in this course is valuable to buttermakers of all experience levels, it is especially worthwhile for aspiring and beginning buttermakers and those in areas peripheral to the production of butter such as marketing, quality, regulatory, sales, etc.

CDR Short Courses

Buttermaking Comprehensive Short Course

This is a three-day deep dive into producing and evaluating butter – this course covers all of the topics from Buttermaking Fundamentals in more depth PLUS additional topics from buttermilk to microfixing and addressing defects AND hands-on laboratory, manufacturing, and sensory sessions. This course is designed for those seeking a deep understanding of butter production and evaluation and the opportunity to network with other likeminded individuals.

CDR Short Courses

Buttermakers Apprenticeship Workshop

The Wisconsin Buttermakers License Apprenticeship Workshop is an intensive, five-day course covering buttermaking production principles and technology. CDR created this course for aspiring buttermakers who have completed the Buttermaking Fundamentals and/or Advanced Buttermaking Short Courses and need apprenticeship hours for their buttermakers license.

CDR Short Courses

Butter Science 101

Read this article from the Dairy Pipeline covering Butter Science 101. Read article.

Wisconsin Buttermakers or Butter Graders License

Looking for information about how to earn a Wisconsin Buttermakers or Butter Graders License? Visit the DATCP website.

Better Butter II

Better Butter II, written by Robert Bradley, an Emeritus Professor in the UW-Madison Food Science Department, provides updated and expanded information regarding all aspects of quality buttermaking.

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Wisconsin Buttermakers License

Learn more about how to acquire a Wisconsin buttermakers license.

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