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Assistant Coordinator Cheese Industry and Applications Group--Specialty Cheese
The Center for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (CDR) is hiring an Assistant Coordinator for our Cheese Industry and Applications Group. The Client Based Researcher II will be working at the UW-Madison Center for Dairy Research including trials that occur in the cheese pilot plant and dairy processing areas. This position is like no other in the dairy industry. This exciting position will be working in a team environment with other cheesemakers and dairy processors where research, product development, troubleshooting, innovation, training, and working with clients from around the world allows for significant personal growth.

The Center for Dairy Research is seeking a post-doctoral (2-3 year) research position to pursue research on projects in dairy science, food chemistry, and food engineering. Research areas include, but are not limited to 3D food printing, dairy ingredient functionality during storage, powder rheology, and cultured milk (yogurt) sensory properties. Depending on the research area, applicants should possess knowledge or skills in dairy protein chemistry, 3D printing, and/or rheology.
CDR Research Associate (Postdoc) Dairy Science, Food Science, Dairy Ingredients and Functionality

The Center for Dairy Research is seeking a Research Associate (Postdoc).
The candidate must have a PhD in cheese, dairy, food science or very closely related field. Demonstrated track record of research dissemination (such as industry focused presentations or peer-reviewed publications) on dairy products. The candidate should have excellent project management, analytical, report writing and data analysis skills. The candidate should have excellent communication skills (oral, written, presentation) with a demonstrated ability to enable effective knowledge and technology transfer. The candidate should have a demonstrated ability to generate new ideas, unique concepts, models and solutions.
CDR Research Associate (Postdoc) Cheese Science, Dairy Science, Food Science