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Dairy Foods & Processing Trainer
As part of the CDR communications team, you will help develop and deliver innovative curriculum while maintaining the integrity of CDR's rich short course training history. Dairy foods training you will help facilitate includes open enrollment short courses, private (on and offsite) tailored training, virtual learning, self-study modules and our growing customized programs for industry team members. The position will work closely with our scientists, researchers, sensory coordinator, safety specialist and food technologist, to offer and provide the best dairy training in the industry. This position could also include outreach and mentorship with the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker program, in collaboration with the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. Dairy Foods & Processing Trainer job posting.

Dairy Applications Specialist
The selected candidate will support the center's efforts in adding value to the dairy industry. This work involves the product development, ingredient evaluation, industry troubleshooting and technical support for cultured products, beverages & other dairy based applications for CDR clients and research partners. The successful candidate will also assist with scale-up activities, visit industry facilities and pilot plants, take relevant training courses, and stay abreast of developments related to dairy processing. Excellent organizational skills are required to prepare, record and track trials as well as the preparation of materials for reports back to clients/stakeholders. This successful candidate will also be expected to assist with CDR educational and training activities related to dairy-based food & beverages, and ingredient manufacture & functionality. Dairy Applications Specialist job posting.

Food Applications Kitchen Assistant
As part of the CDR communications team, this position will prepare ingredients and samples for tasting, testing, recipe development and events, organize and manage supply inventory, maintain proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures and be the point person for the proper use of the equipment and supplies used in the Food Applications Kitchen. Food Applications Kitchen Assistant job posting.

Descriptive Sensory Panelist
We are looking for individuals passionate about all types of foods, but especially cheese, pizza and other dairy products. Once hired, we will train you to become part of a group of expert tasters capable of verbally describing their sensory experience on the basis of appearance, texture, taste and aroma attributes for research and product development purposes. Panelists should expect to be tasting up to 24 cheese samples and 12 pizzas a week along with other food products. Panelists would need to be available for 3-hour consecutive periods (1 session) and up to 3 sessions per week. Descriptive Sensory Panelist job posting.