The Dairy Pipeline, CDR's quarterly newsletter, has something for everyone. Cheesemakers – farmstead, artisan, or Master – will find something interesting in this publication because it is the place where CDR scientists share thoughts, theories, and results on everything from making low sodium cheese to processing whey proteins.

Dairy Pipeline 2017 - Volume 29, Number 2

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What's Inside:

♦ Candinas’ Cultured Creation
♦ Whey Handling in Wisconsin: Update
♦ Curd Clinic: Crystals in Cheese
♦ Understanding and Preventing Bacteriophage
♦ Rani Govindasamy-Lucey wins CALS Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Research
♦ Welcome New CDR Sensory Coordinator Sara Jarma Arroyo
♦ New Technical Report on Milkfat and Related Ingredients
♦ The Dairy Technical Support Line, Your Source for Dairy Foods Information
♦ CDR and Industry Join Forces to Support the Next Generation of Food Science Professionals
♦ CDR is Your Resource for Culinary Support