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The Dairy Pipeline, CDR's quarterly newsletter, features in-depth, technical articles on dairy products and processing and provides updates on important topics in the dairy industry. Stay up-to-date on new research and innovation in the industry. Subscribe to the Dairy Pipeline.

Past Issues

Dairy Pipeline - Winter 2023 | Volume 34, Number 4

In this issue

Eye of the Beholder: a Look at Swiss Cheese Production and Defects
Yogurt Monograph Series: Production
Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Looks Back at 20 Years
DBIA Awards Grants
CDR Welcomes New Employees
size: 6.9MB

Dairy Pipeline - Fall 2022 | Volume 34, Number 3

In this issue

Widmer's Celebrates 100 Years of Handcrafting Authentic Wisconsin Cheeses
DBIA to Receive Supplemental Funding
Wisconsin Pasteurizer Broken Seal Process
CDR Formulation Showcases Dairy Ingredients
Curd Clinic: Moldy Cheese
Eberly Awarded Norm Olson Scholarship
Congratulations to Gary Grossen
CDR Welcomes New Staff
size: 6.6MB

Dairy Pipeline - Summer 2022 | Volume 34, Number 2

In this issue

Environmental Conditions for Aging Surface-Ripened Cheeses
Bringing an Alpine Style Cheese to Wisconsin
Spores in Milk Powders
CDR Equipment Videos
DBIA Awards Grants
Upcoming Short Courses
size: 3.7MB

Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2022 | Volume 34, Number 1

In this issue

2022 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers
Dairy Ingredients Troubleshooting
CheeseExpo CDR Technical Sessions
Johnson Receives Babcock Award
CDR Welcomes New Staff
Nelson-Jameson Scholarship
Upcoming Trainings and Event
size: 5.8MB

Dairy Pipeline - Winter 2022 | Volume 33, Number 4

In this issue

A Look at the Factors Impacting Cheese Browning and Blistering
Curd Clinic – Cryoscope Test and the Freezing Point of Milk
Take a Tour of CDR’s New Specialty Cheese Caves
What Can CDR Sensory Services do for You?
DBIA News: Dairy Industry Impact Grants Awarded, Dairy Business Builder Grant Program Opens in February, USDA Funding Announced
CDR Welcomes New Staff
Congratulations to CDR Retirees
Upcoming Trainings and Events
size: 5.4MB

Dairy Pipeline - Fall 2021 | Volume 33, Number 3

In this issue

How The Cheesemaking Process Influences Melt And Stretch
Dairy Protein Provides Versatile Functionality Over Plant Protein
Adjunct Cultures: Achieving Consistent Flavor Development
Advanced Cheese Technology Short Course Is November 15-18
CDR Welcomes New Staff
Grossen’s Aged Gouda Receives Top Honors
Lucey Awarded Owen Fennema Professorship
CDR Graduate Students Receive Awards
CDR Remembers Pat Polowsky
size: 9.9MB

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