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Do you have a novel idea related to the dairy industry? CDR can help you further develop that idea into a dairy-based product or technology. Our more than 30 dairy product/processing researchers, scientists and product experts can work with you in our pilot plant to experiment with formulations, inclusions, or the process itself through product trials and analytical testing. Once you have the result you want, our sensory experts can offer unbiased insights into taste, texture and functionality, not to mention our food applications staff who can provide ideas if you want to use your product as an ingredient in a food application. Once you have the product you want, CDR staff can help with scale up at your location or assist in finding a plant to manufacture your product.

Looking for a technology to potentially commercialize. CDR is always seeking companies interested in working with us to bring novel technologies and products to the marketplace. CDR currently has 12 technologies that range from high protein snack cheese to beta-casein manufacturing. Learn More


CDR cheese research, led by Senior Scientists Mark Johnson and Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, focuses on understanding the various aspects of cheese, as well as the microbes that affect safety, quality, texture and flavor. Research projects include, the study of gas formers in cheese and other defects, nonenzymatic browning of mozzarella, the survival and effects of bacteria including Listeria monocytogene, technologies to extend cheese shelf life, to name a few.

In addition, CDR has staff focused on research related to dairy ingredients, cultured products, beverages and membrane processing.

While many research projects are funded through the dairy checkoff program, CDR is also available for contract work for individual companies.

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Want to develop a new cheese variety, yogurt, protein snack or another dairy-based product? CDR can help! With over 34 years of experience in dairy product development, our team of experts have assisted in developing hundreds of new products. From ideation to formulation, from product testing to sensory evaluation, CDR staff can help you through the process and provide the needed technical support to bring your new product to production.

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