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“The ability to go to CDR and meet with people who have been living and breathing this industry and to be able to test out ideas in their facility is great.”

The Cultured Products Program focuses on the development of yogurt, yogurt drinks, fermented milks, Greek yogurt and sour cream. We provide development and troubleshooting support for ingredient suppliers and cultured products manufacturers.

The group has expertise in the processes and ingredients needed to develop the desired flavor and texture for a variety of cultured products. The Cultured Products Program has individuals with practical and industry experience as well as academic and basic knowledge of the chemistry and microbiology of cultured dairy products.

Success Story: Yodelay Yogurt

CDR helped develop this award-winning Swiss style yogurt.

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Yogurt Farm to Fork

Consumers have shown a greater interest in understanding where their food comes from and how it is manufactured. To aid in consumer education efforts, CDR has created a visual illustrating the path yogurt typically takes as it moves from Farm to Fork.

Yogurt Monograph: Production

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Yogurt Monograph: Rheology

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Yogurt Monograph: Sensory Properties

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Yogurt Monograph: Concentrating Yogurt

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Cultured Products Program Contact

Administration, Dairy Processing, Ingredients, DBIA, TURBO

Tom Guerin

Senior Management Team, Research Program Manager