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Sensory data is indispensable for making informed decisions about your business and products. CDR Sensory Services exists to offer access to this data at an affordable price with reliable expertise. CDR can partner with you to identify key appearance, texture, and flavor attributes that drive consumer expectations and preferences. Sensory testing can also be conducted in conjunction with (analytical) chemical analyses to generate a full picture of the product, including instrumental texture/rheology, microstructure, free fatty acid or volatile analyses. In addition, troubleshooting assistance is available through collaboration with the other CDR program areas. The complete results are provided in clearly defined timelines to meet your important deadlines. The data is presented visually to concisely convey what the results are showing, including graphs as well as photos.

Below are specific pages for various types of testing or additional resources. They include potential applications, key benefits, as well as methodologies used. CDR Sensory Services is your trusted resource for any aspect of the sensory experience of your product.

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