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Consumer panels are conducted in our newly constructed CDR addition to Babcock Hall on the UW-Madison campus. Studies can be conducted in various formats including central location tests (CLT) in our 6 new sensory booths, focus groups, or in home use tests (IHUT). Data is collected with the end goal of measuring preferences, degree of liking (hedonics) or consumer acceptance. Tests are conducted using our diverse panelist database of over 2000 individuals from the Madison area.

A wide variety of products can be evaluated including products that don't contain dairy. General lead time involves 1 month of preparation with top-line results provided next day and a detailed report provided within 10 business days.

Potential Applications

  • Consumer input during ideation or product development phases
  • Understanding the impact on consumer perception from a product or packaging change
  • Validating consumer acceptance of product near end of shelf life

Types of Questions / Methods

  • Central Location
    • Preference and ranking
    • Product liking and acceptance
    • Just about right scales (JAR)
  • Focus Groups
    • Concept evaluation
    • Qualitative product evaluation
    • Product liking and acceptance
  • In Home Use
    • Home preparation evaluation
    • Product liking and acceptance
    • Family Feedback

Benefits of this type of testing

  • Generate meaningful intelligence from consumers who actually purchase and enjoy that particular product or category.
  • Gauge likelihood of product acceptance and success of a new product or concept
  • Understand what drives liking and purchase decisions in the retail environment

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