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The Dairy Pipeline, CDR's quarterly newsletter, features in-depth, technical articles on dairy products and processing and provides updates on important topics in the dairy industry. Stay up-to-date on new research and innovation in the industry. Subscribe to the Dairy Pipeline.

Past Issues

Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2020 | Volume 32, Number 2

In this issue

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Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2020 | Volume 32, Number 1

In this issue

2020 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers
A Behind The Scenes Look at Dairy Ingredient Judging
Critically Evaluating The Sustainability and Contribution of Dairy to a Healthy Diet
What You Need To Know: Nitrogen to Protein Conversion Factors and Infant Formula
Sommer and Jaeggi Inducted Into Les Guilde Internationale Des Fromagers
CDR Staff Judge at World Championship Cheese Contest
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Dairy Pipeline - Winter 2019 | Volume 31, Number 4

In this issue

Essential Principles of Cheesemaking (Part 2): Measuring and Controlling Acidity and Moisture
Tricks of the Trade: Formulating Dairy Protein Beverages
CDR Article on Lactose Standardization Receives Special Recognition
2020 Dairy Short Courses
Experienced Cheesemakers Join CDR
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Dairy Pipeline - Fall 2019 | Volume 31, Number 3

In this issue

Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Creamery partners with CDR and cheesemakers to create unique cheeses
The importance of dairy ingredients’ functionality
Part 1: Essential principles of cheesemaking: starter cultures
Center for Dairy Research and Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association awarded dairy business innovation initiative grant
CDR welcomes new employees
Smukowski elected ACS president
FDA testing raw milk cheeses
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Dairy Pipeline - Summer 2019 |Volume 31, Number 2

In this issue

CDR Awarded Grants to Launch Beverage Innovation Center
Curd Clinic: Cheese Safety/Storage
Challenges With Controlling Yeast and Mold Growth in Cheese
Upcoming Master Short Course Will Focus on Cultures and Enzymes – “The Flavor Creators”
Collaborating With Industry to Improve Production of 640 Pound Blocks
Adding Value And Nutrition With Dairy: CDR-Developed Prototype Featured at IFT19
CDR Featured on Discover Wisconsin
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Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2019 |Volume 31, Number 1

In this issue

2019 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers
Recent Advances in Food Applications of Dairy Co-Products
A Tribute to Dr. William “Bill” Wendorff – Friend Of CDR and the Dairy Industry
Back to the Basics: The Role of pH in Cheesemaking
Don’t Miss these CDR Sessions at the Cheese Industry Conference
CDR Welcomes New Staff Members
John Jaeggi Honored with Aschebrock Award
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