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The Dairy Pipeline, CDR's quarterly newsletter, features in-depth, technical articles on dairy products and processing and provides updates on important topics in the dairy industry. Stay up-to-date on new research and innovation in the industry. Subscribe to the Dairy Pipeline.

Past Issues

Dairy Pipeline - Summer 2021 | Volume 33, Number 2

In this issue

New Source of Late Gas Formation in Cheese
How to Get a WI Cheesemaker License
DBIA Grant Winners Announced
Babcock Hall Building Project Update
Butter Science 101
CDR Staff to Present at ACS
Upcoming CDR Short Courses
Price and Prochaska Join CDR
size: 6.8MB

Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2021 | Volume 33, Number 1

In this issue

2021 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers
CDR-Developed Sports Drink Utilizes Dairy
Controlling the Risk of Allergens
CDR Helps Start-Up Win MilkLaunch
Smukowski Honored With Babcock Award
CDR Sessions at CheeseExpo
Upcoming CDR Short Courses
CDR Welcomes New Employees
size: 2.8MB

Dairy Pipeline - Winter 2021 | Volume 32, Number 4

In this issue

CDR’s Work with Nasonville Dairy
Curd Clinic – Buffering
Addressing Food Allergies
Foreign Material Prevention
Cheese Expo Global Online
Burrington Recognized
DBIA Updates
size: 2.9MB

Dairy Pipeline - Fall 2020 | Volume 32, Number 3

In this issue

Detecting and Preventing Pseudomonas Contamination
Promoting U.S. Permeate Use in China
New CDR Website
DBIA Receives Funding, Awards Grants
Research Could Increase Health Benefits of Cheese
Dates Set for Process Cheese Short Course
Johnson Leads WI Master Cheesemaker® Program
size: 4.2MB

Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2020 | Volume 32, Number 2

In this issue

Norm Olson: Dairy Industry Pioneer, CDR Visionary, and Gentleman
Curd Clinic: Can I adjust my cheese make to extend the cheese’s shelf life?
Dairy Plant Practices to Stay Safe During COVID-19
Meeting Changing Consumer Eating Trends with Dairy
Babcock Hall Building Project Moves Forward
Dairy Business Innovation Alliance Updates
CDR Short Courses Move Online
size: 4.5MB

Dairy Pipeline - Spring 2020 | Volume 32, Number 1

In this issue

2020 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers
A Behind The Scenes Look at Dairy Ingredient Judging
Critically Evaluating The Sustainability and Contribution of Dairy to a Healthy Diet
What You Need To Know: Nitrogen to Protein Conversion Factors and Infant Formula
Sommer and Jaeggi Inducted Into Les Guilde Internationale Des Fromagers
CDR Staff Judge at World Championship Cheese Contest
size: 3.4MB

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