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One of benefits of being a CDR Industry Team member is first access to all dairy food-related research ongoing at CDR and UW-Madison during the annual CDR Research Forum. Below you will find each of the research project presentations from the December 9-10, 2020 Research Forum as well as Director John Lucey's update and CDR Staff member Tom Guerin's DBIA and CIT update. If you need more information, feel free to contact us or the project presenter. Research Forum Agenda

We are proud of our graduate students. Check out the profiles of several students who are interested in a career in the dairy industry following graduation. Student bios |

Day 1: December 9 | 12:30 – 4:30

Welcome and CDR Update, Dr. John Lucey, CDR Director

Use of lactose standardization and extrusion technology for Colby cheese (NDC)
Hong Jiang/Dr. Rani Govindasamy Lucey/Dr. Mark Johnson

Late gas formation in cheese due to biogenic amine formation (CIT)
Irwin Panguripan/Dr. Rodrigo Ibáñez Alfaro/Dr. Mark Johnson

Innovative approaches to increase cheese shelf life of string cheese (NDC)
Maggie Becher/Dr. Rani Govindasamy Lucey/Dr. Mark Johnson

Manufacture of heat stable whey protein isolate without MF (CIT)
Guru Yeshwanth Subbiah Prabhakaran/Dr. John Lucey/Mike Molitor

Use of select dairy ingredients to enhance shelf life, physical properties and sensory attributes of high protein frozen desserts (NDC)
Sam Van Wees/Dr. Rich Hartel/Dr. Scott Rankin

Impact of culture type on direct salted Gouda (NDC)
Yijing Gong/Dr. Rani Govindasamy Lucey/Dr. Mark Johnson

Pathogen control in cheese brines using hydrogen peroxide (DFW, WCMA, DMI,)
Development of D and Z values for L. monocytogenes and Escherichia coli O157H7 in cheesemilk to reduce pathogen risks in cheese manufacture (NDC)
Dr. Kathy Glass, Distinguished Scientist, Associate Director, Food Research Institute

Dairy Business Innovation Alliance – opportunities for Dairy
Tom Guerin, CDR Research Program Manager

Day 2: December 10 | 8:30 – 12:00

Comparison of micellar casein and nonfat dry milk for use in the production of high protein yogurt (Arla Foods)
Daniel Wilbanks/Dr. John Lucey

Modifications to milk powders for the manufacture of recombined cheese (NDC)
Srirupa Sen/Dr. Rani Govindsamy Lucey/Dr. Mark Johnson

A novel GRAS natural antimicrobial to control listeria in dairy processing environment (NDC)
Dr. Tu Anh Huynh, Assistant Professor, UW-Food Science

Novel ceramic nanofiltration to improve coproduct quality and increase utilization (NDC)
Mike Molitor/Alyssa Gasa/Dr. John Lucey

Microbial production of value-added constituents from lactose-rich dairy co-products (NDC)
Dr. Dan Noguera, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Wisconsin Energy Institute

Catalytic conversion of lactose-rich co-products into value-added components (NDC)
Mark Lindsay/Dr. George Huber/Dr. Scott Rankin

Keynote: Milk Protein Allergenicity
Dr. Anne Marie Singh, UW School of Medicine and Public Health