Analytical services are offered to support projects carried out at the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research. The analytical support group provides comprehensive chemical and microbiological testing services and follows EURACHEM-CITAC Guide CG-2 as QA guideline of non-routine and R&D analysis of samples. Tests performed include:
  • Crude protein
  • Casein
  • True protein
  • Milkfat
  • Total solids and mineral content by reference methods
  • Enzymatic determination of lactose and galactose
  • Protein profiles of milk and milk products by capillary electrophoresis and cheese proteolysis are determined routinely
  • CDR has capabilities to determine particle size analysis and fatty acid composition by gas chromatography and the oxidative stability of oils and fats
  • Rheological tests performed include texture profiles, cheese meltability and functional properties of milk products
  • Microbiological dairy food safety and quality tests are routinely determined, including tests for coliforms, standard plate count, plus yeast and mold
  • Shelf life and microbial challenge studies are also performed
Contact: Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, Senior Scientist | email

Applications' Kitchen

Outside of the dairy plant where cheese and ice cream are made, the applications laboratory is the epicenter of CDR. It is here where new foods utilizing dairy ingredients and cheese are born, product functionality is evaluated and issues with existing products are resolved.
Research and development dairy ingredient projects currently focus on protein enhanced beverages, bars, baked goods and spreads. Additionally, sodium-reduced seasonings, soups, salads, sauces, beverages and baked goods are developed. Cheese applications range from appetizers, sauces and fondues, to macaroni and cheese, pizza, dessert truffles and ice cream.
The applications lab also plays an important role in our CDR short courses. It is here that the lectures come to life, with CDR staff providing hands-on application opportunities for participants. From conventional consumer ovens to food science quality ovens and equipment, the applications lab offers industry and short course participants the ability to observe and work with any given dairy product in a real-world setting.
Contact: Sarah Minasian, Apps. Lab Coordinator | email


This area designs, conducts and summarizes sensory analysis of cheese and dairy ingredients to meet the customer’s needs. Evaluations include flavor, body/texture and appearance profiles as well as cheese functionality for shredding/slicing and cooking applications. Panels conducted range from trained to focus group, from descriptive to consumer.
The applications lab at CDR has equipment to test the functionality of cheese as an ingredient, including a full line of foodservice pizza ovens. CDR can also evaluate the functionality of dairy ingredients and formulate dairy ingredients into baked products and confections.
Contact: Sara Jarma Arroyo, Sensory Coordinator | email