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Dairy’s key sustainability role

By John Lucey

Cheese Market News | September 2023

The dairy industry is very focused on efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contribute positively to efforts around climate change and sustainability.

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Envision a future where dairy waste has more value

By John Lucey

Hoard's Dairyman | July 2023

Research and innovation can help turn the low-value by-products of dairy processing into something more.

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A closer look at Whey Protein Phospholipid Concentrate

By John Lucey

Dairy Foods | August 2022

Whey Protein Phospholipid Concentrate (WPPC), a low-value coproduct, is currently being examined as a source of nutritional and functional ingredients. WPPC contains high-value components, such as various types of proteins and phospholipids. Currently, WPPC is low-value product mostly used in animal feed. However, there is interest in finding value-added uses for WPPC.

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Expanding infrastructure for innovation at the CDR

By John Lucey

Cheese Market News | June 2022

In recent years, groups within the dairy industry have raised concerns that plant-based drinks are using the term “milk” on their labels instead of “beverage.” These are valid concerns, since the federal definition of milk is the lacteal secretion from mammals, which cannot apply to oats, almonds or any other plant-based source. These beverages do state on the label they are made from plants, so it’s unlikely consumers think they are drinking cow’s milk.

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It’s time to rethink whey permeate

By John Lucey

Dairy Foods | March 2022

Wisconsin produces about 30 billion pounds of whey each year. Once the protein is removed via filtration, we are left with whey permeate. The dairy industry produces a lot of whey permeate, and while the industry has found some uses for it, I believe we could think even bigger.

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Optimize the performance of dairy ingredients in yogurt

By: KJ Burrington
Dairy Foods | September 2019

Start by determining whether a milk protein or a whey protein ingredient will fit your needs