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Andy Johnson

Assistant Coordinator Cheese Industry & Applications / WI Master Cheesemaker Program Coordinator

As a licensed cheesemaker with over a decade of industry experience, Andy Johnson brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to CDR in his dual roles as program coordinator of the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program as well as his work with CDR clients looking to develop and refine their products. Though his focus is on specialty cheese with an emphasis on sheep and goat, Andy is involved in nearly every aspect of the CDR Cheese Applications program. From cheese trials and plant visits to short courses and presentations, Andy’s education in business as well as his previous experience as a cheesemaker in three states helps him to assist companies as they navigate all aspects of the industry. As program coordinator of the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Program, Andy coordinates plant visits, cheese grading and assists the Master candidates as they participate in the program. Andy is honored to aid US cheesemakers and is passionate about helping them succeed and making an impact on the industry.