Master Artisan Short Course Series,
Swiss Cheese

September 28


As a part of CDR’s ongoing Master Artisan Short Course Series, the 2020 course will explore propionic eyed Swiss style cheese production, focusing on Emmentaler and other Swiss-type cheeses. Industry experts will discuss all aspects of production of these cheeses, from initial milk quality and culture selection, to curd handling, salting, curing, converting and packaging. To complement our lectures, CDR staff and presenters will lead virtual sensory sessions to evaluate cheeses and discuss defects related to these styles. Please join us to gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of making these cheeses.

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Course will open on September 28th and will be on-demand. Students can take the course at their own pace. Please note, it takes at least 7 days after registration to get logged into the learning management system and receive the course binder in the mail.

» History and Origins
» Milk Microbiology and Quality
» Traditional and Modern Cheese Technologies
» Starter and Adjunct Cultures
» Propionic Bacteria
» CO2 and Eye Formation
» Curing/Aging
» Equipment (including Copper)
» Conversion
» Packaging
» Current Research
» Defects
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