Dairy Protein Beverage Applications Online Course

October 27-29, 2020

The Dairy Protein Beverages Course is an online course. It is designed for attendees that have a technical background and would like to learn more about formulating dairy protein beverages. The two-day course will cover the formulation of both high acid and low acid beverages. It will also provide instruction about the heat processes used along with specific information about how milk and whey protein ingredients, buffers, hydrocolloids, sweeteners, colors and flavors are incorporated to make shelf stable, ready to drink beverages.

» Optimizing Dairy Protein Functionality in Beverage Systems
» Understanding Buffer Systems and Acidulants
» Hydrocolloid Functionality
» Lab demo
» Thermal Processes
» Sweetener Systems
» Adding Colors
» Sensory Session
» Flavor Systems

Primary Contact:
Kj Burrington
1605 Linden Drive
Email burrington@cdr.wisc.edu
Registration Contact:
CALS Conference Services
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