Wisconsin Cleaning & Sanitation Workshop

April 30

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The Wisconsin Cleaning and Sanitation Workshop is a one-day workshop designed to cover the basics of cleaning and sanitizing food equipment and methods of monitoring cleaning efficiency. Discussions and lab sessions will include a variety of topics from designing a sanitation program to monitoring system performance. Many of the food safety problems in industry have been the result of inadequate cleaning or sanitation. This workshop will provide the information necessary to help design a standard sanitation operating procedure (SSOP) for your processing plant.

This workshop is jointly sponsored by Cooperative Extension, the Department of Food Science, and the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research as part of the educational mission of the University of Wisconsin. This workshop fulfills the requirement for a sanitation short course required for the Wisconsin Cheese Makers License under ATCP 69.02 (d).
Location: Babcock Hall, Room 205 | More information

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