Advanced Cheese Tech Short Course - November 16-20, 2020 Online

☀ You must take Cheesemaking 101 before taking this course.

The Advanced Cheese Technology Short Course is an intensive five-day course covering cheesemaking production principles and technology. You must complete the Cheesemaking 101 course before registering. This course is intended for apprentice cheesemakers with at least 12 months experience or students with a basic science background. Students should have experience in algebra and general chemistry. Completion of this course will give the student six (6) months credit toward the apprenticeship requirement for the state cheesemakers license.

Cost: $1200.00 | Online Course | Register On-line & Payment

Each Cheese Tech participant must take the Cheesemaking 101 course before registering for this course. If you have completed the quizzes from Cheesemaking 101, you are welcome to sign-up for this course. If you did not complete the quizzes please go back to Cheesemaking 101 in Canvas and complete the course and quizzes. If you sign-up for the Advanced Cheese Tech short course without completing the Cheesemaking 101 quizzes you will be charged a $50 processing fee, removed from the course and issued a refund.

A binder will be shipped to participants. Make sure you provide the correct shipping address with your registration. We can not reship binders or share information electronically. We will be using Canvas, an online learning management system for this course. Last day to register is November 2nd to accommodate printing, shipping and the campus login process. Please contact if you have any questions.

All times are Central Standard
November 16 – 8am-4pm
November 17 – 9am-2pm
November 18 – 9am-2pm
November 19 – 9am-1pm
November 20 – 9am-1pm

- Milk Microbiology - Pasteurization - Cheese Technology
- Secondary Microflora - HACCP Principles - Mechanization
- Cleaning & Sanitizing - Starter Cultures - Speciality Cheeses
- Milk Composition - Salting Brines - Defects in Cheese
- Coagulants - Cheese Yields - Sensory Evaluation
- Bacteriophages - Cheese Applications - Handling Cheese
- Milk Standardization - Cheese Chemistry - Shredding & Slicing
- Whey Potentials - Cheese Affinage - Flavorings for Cheese
- Curing & Flavor Development - Cheesemaking Processes - Nutritional Enhancements

Wisconsin Cheesemaker License
Completion of this short course will give the student six months credit toward his or her apprenticeship requirement for the Wisconsin cheesemaker license requirements under ATCP 69.02 (1)(b). If you plan to apply for the Wisconsin cheesemaker license, please contact the Wis. Dept. of Agriculture at: WDATCP, Food Division, P.O. Box 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911 or call (608) 224-4720 to obtain an application and the exam schedule. The cheesemaker license exam will not be given at the Advanced Cheese Technology Short Course.

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Mark Johnson
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CALS Conference Services
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