Cheese Grading Short Course

November 4-6

☀ Postponed.

The Wisconsin Cheese Grading Short Course is an intensive three-day course covering the principles and practices used in grading natural cheeses. This introductory course is intended for cheesemakers, production supervisors and quality control personnel interested in assessment of cheese quality. The course will be structured around the cheese grading standards covered by Wisconsin Ag Chapter 81 and USDA Grading Standards. Cheeses used in the grading lab sessions will be selected to show the majority of flavor, body, texture, color and appearance defects found in the industry today.

Day 1
» Function of Grading Process
» Basic Principles of Sensory
» What do Judges Look for While Evaluating Contest Cheeses?
» Grading Process vs. Judging
» Common Occurring Defects
» American-Style Cheeses (All Cheddars, Colby, Jack)
» Brick, Muenster, Havarti
» Smeared Ripened Cheeses

Day 2
» Mozzarella (fresh, LMPS, Whole, etc)
» Gouda, Swiss
» Feta
» Hard Italian
» Mold Ripened
» Sheep/Goat
» Latino Cheese

Day 3
» Flavored Cheeses
» Cream Cheese/Mascarpone/Spreads
» You Grade the Cheese

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