In 1890 the first dairy foods short course in the United States was established at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Since then, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Food Science, and the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research have been leaders in research and outreach education beneficial to the dairy industry and consumers. The UW Food Science Department and Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research continue to provide quality outreach education to fit the expanded needs of the food industry in today’s environment.

Making Burrata at the Master Artisan Short Course, Cheeses of Italy

The Center for Dairy Research offers more than 15 public short courses and dozens of company specific training courses annually that explore the basics of dairy manufacturing and beyond. Led by staff with both academic and industry experience, courses combine hands-on learning with lectures, providing attendees with quality outreach education that meets the expanding needs of the food industry. Held each fall, the Master Artisan short course is a one of CDR’s most unique courses, offering seasoned cheesemakers the opportunity to explore the latest in cheese manufacturing. With a new topic selected each year, the course may cover anything from the cheeses of Spain to the best practices for making a quality Cheddar.

In 2017, the Master Artisan short course focused on the cheeses of Italy. Speakers and special guests from all around Italy attended the course to share their knowledge and model unique methods of cheesemaking. In particular, Luigi De Luca from Corvino Bianco Cheese Company of the Puglia region of Italy attended to showcase traditional burrata, a made cheese made from fresh mozzarella and cream. The filling is a combination of fresh cream and cheese surrounded by a thin shell of hand stretched fresh mozzarella. With years of experience, Luigi makes the formation of these cheese look effortless as he expertly forms the fragile burrata cheeses. Enjoy the video of Luigi De Luca making traditional burrata below and join us in the future for a Master Artisan short course.

CDR Short Courses

The Center for Dairy Research is proud to carry on the century old UW tradition of dairy foods education, offering more than 15 public short courses and dozens of company specific training courses annually. We invite you to view this video to learn more about the short course program. Then head to the CDR short course page to register today.