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Process Cheese Course - On Demand

October 19, 2021 • $750

This course is being offered “On-Demand.” You will view notes and recorded content at your own pace. Participants must register by October 10th in order to start the class on October 19, 2021. The course content will be available to view until February 19, 2022. We are unable to ship outside the U.S. (note binders).

The Wisconsin Process Cheese Short Course covers the basics of formulation and manufacture of pasteurized process and cold-pack cheese products. This course will begin with the basic theories and chemistry of process cheese manufacture and will include the practical aspects of process cheese making.

Overview of Topics

  • Basic Theories of Process Cheese Manufacture
  • Properties of Emulsifying Salts
  • Formulation of Processed Cheese
  • Defects Found in Processed Cheese
  • Practical Aspects of Manufacture
  • Assessing Rheological Properties of Processed Cheese
  • Importance of Dairy and Cheese-based Flavors and EMC’s in Processed Cheese
  • Basics of Dairy-based Ingredients Used In Processed Cheese
  • Starch Options and Their Impact on Processed Cheese
  • Stabilizing Options and Their Impact on Processed Cheese (Gums & Hydrocolloids)
  • Behind the Process of Manufacturing Spray-Dried Cheese
  • Use of Colorants and Their Issues in Processed Cheese
  • Manufacture of Cheese Sauces
  • HAACP for Process Cheese
  • Manufacture of Cold Pack Cheese
  • Use of Preservatives in Processed Cheese
  • Flavorings Used in Processed and Cold Pack Cheeses
  • Basics of Process Cheese Packaging

Video Demonstrations

  • Process Cheese Sauce Formulation
  • Process Cheese Spreads
  • Cold Pack and Club Cheese
  • Process Cheese and Cheese Food
  • Process Cheese Sauce - High Temperature Processing

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John Jaeggi