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Master Short Course Series, Understanding and Controlling Defects in Cheese

October 27-29, 2021 • $750

This course is being offered In-Person at Babcock Hall on the UW-Madison Campus

This is part of the Master Short Course Series; an advanced cheesemaking course targeting the experienced cheesemaker or cheese professional. This 3-day course will focus on making quality cheese, understanding how cheese defects occur and developing strategies to prevent them. We will take a deep dive into specific defects found in particular styles of cheese including American and surface ripened cheeses. You will enjoy learning, networking, and the opportunity to ask questions of industry experts as they present on a wide range of topics. This course will be capped off with an interactive group activity where real-life cheese defect scenarios are presented and participants will diagnose the solution.

Topic Areas

  • Mold
  • Air handling
  • Anti-mycotics
  • Acid development
  • Acidification profiles
  • Culture selection
  • Gas formation
  • Melt & functionality
  • Conversion issues
  • And other defect-related topics!

Deadline to register is October 10th. cancellations will result in a $150 processing fee.

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Andy Johnson