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Unlocking Dairy Ingredients Webinar

September 22, 2021 • Free*

Wednesday Sept 22nd 10am - 11am Central Time

*This webinar is complementary for Wisconsin Dairy Companies and CDR Industry Team (CIT) members.
Cost for others is $59.

Unlocking Dairy Ingredients
A Powerful Part of the Product Developer’s Toolbelt

Milk is the source of the most powerful ingredients used in the food industry. Dairy ingredients are functional, nutritious, and widely available. The diverse portfolio of dairy ingredients available to the food industry has led to a multi-billion industry that supports farmers, provides employment, and feeds the world. Knowledge of the manufacturing, chemistry, functionality, and application of dairy ingredients is crucial in support of the food industry and ensuring a diverse marketplace of products.

This webinar is geared towards food industry professionals who need foundational knowledge in dairy ingredients — their origins from milk, production, physical properties, and usage in food formulation

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Nathan Price | Dairy Ingredients Coordinator