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Cheese Judging (in-person)

March 24, 2023 • $350.00

Course Description
This training course is designed to help you increase your confidence and focus your sensory and grading abilities to be an effective contest judge. Successful completion of the CDR Cheese Grading & Evaluation Workshop and/or experience as a cheese grader or sensory evaluator, is a requirement prior to taking this course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the unique aspects of the different cheese contests in the industry, and the basics of how cheese is scored in each.
  • Understand judging basics, universal skills and what to avoid when judging cheese.
  • Gain insight from contest officials and volunteers on how samples are procured, organized, categorized and stored behind the scenes of a judging contest.
  • Learn how to sample by cheese variety and format.
  • Experience aesthetic judging and demonstrations of live judging and evaluation by industry experts.
  • Test your knowledge and understanding during hands-on judging activities and evaluation practice with the opportunity to compare to industry judging results.

Course Instructors


Brandon Prochaska (CDR) | Dr. Mark Johnson (CDR) | John Jaeggi (CDR) | Luis A Jimenez-Maroto (CDR) Industry Judges

Technical Contact-for questions on course content Brandon Prochaska (CDR)

Contact for registration or other questions Heather Cooper (CDR)