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Cheese Grading Fundamentals Course Online

June 29-30, 2021 • $700

You must register before June 13th.

The Wisconsin Cheese Grading Fundamentals Course is a two-day online course covering the introductory principles and practices used in grading the most common natural cheeses. This course is intended for cheesemakers, production supervisors, and quality control personnel interested in assessment of cheese quality. The course will be structured around the cheese grading standards covered by Wisconsin Ag Chapter 81 and USDA Grading Standards.

This course is comprised of different content and utilizes a different format than our usual Cheese Grading Short Courses. This course will be delivered via teleconference (Zoom) and also make use of an online learning platform (Canvas). Participants will attend "live" lectures each morning via Zoom and then login to the online platform to review content (notes, video recordings). You will be sent several cheese samples to evaluate during the class. Please ensure you provide a valid daytime address when registering.

Lecture Topics

  • Cheese Sensory and Evaluation Fundamentals
  • Cheese Grading Process
  • Grading American Cheese Styles
  • Grading Italian Cheese Styles
  • Grading Brick, Muenster, Havarti Cheese Styles
  • Grading Gouda, Swiss, Edam Cheese Styles
  • Cheese Functionality
  • Brief Overview of Other Styles:
    • Mold-ripened
    • Surface-ripened
    • Latin American styles
    • Acid-coagulated styles

Course Content & Delivery

All of the material for the class and lecture recordings will be available online after the course concludes. You can also communicate with the instructors and the rest of the class outside of lecture times through the discussion forums in Canvas, our online learning management system. Lectures and materials will be available online until December 15, 2021.

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