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Cheese Grading & Evaluation (in-person)

March 21-23, 2023 • $1,125

Course Description
Immerse yourself in cheese during this in-person course at our new facility on the UW-Madison campus in Babcock Hall, with our CDR experts. Engage in lectures, demonstration, and lots of hands-on activities with graders from the industry to enhance your cheese grading and evaluation skills. This course is structured around the cheese grading standards covered by Wisconsin Ag Chapter 81 and USDA Grading Standards, as well as informal industry standards for cheeses without Wisconsin standards.

Course Objectives

  • Define grading terms and other terms related to evaluation.
  • Learn the basic principles of sensory and basic cheese flavors and textures.
  • Learn about the basics of manufacturing up to 15 unique cheese varieties and how to identify their common flavor attributes.
  • Evaluate and identify how to grade industrial-size (5- to 40-pound) samples of Blue Cheese, Swiss, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Brick/Muenster and American-Style cheeses with expert graders from the industry.
  • Describe how to evaluate the functionality of mozzarella in culinary applications.

Course Instructors

Technical Contact-for questions on course content Brandon Prochaska (CDR)

Dean Sommer (CDR) | John Jaeggi (CDR)
Gina Mode (CDR) | Rani Govindasamy-Lucey (CDR)

Contact for registration or other questions Heather Cooper (CDR)

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Primary Contact

Brandon Prochaska