Sensory Equipment

With a variety of ovens and other equipment, a wide-range of sensory evaluation options are available.

Bakers Pride ® Pizza Oven

Manufacturer/Model: Bakers Pride ® Pizza Oven
Description Twin deck pizza oven with 28 in² baking surfaces. Adjustable top and bottom heating elements with ranges from 200°F to 750°F.

Lincoln ® Impinger Oven

Description: Forced air impinger oven with adjustable temperature (up to 750°F) and conveyor time.

Conventional Oven

Manufacturer/Model: Frigidaire Gallery
Description: Standard residential oven with maximum operating temperature of 550°F.

Touchscreen tablets

Manufacturer/Model: Dell
Description: Descriptive and consumer sensory data collection utilizes tablets to allow for quick turnaround in reporting and better accuracy during evaluation.