Safety & Quality Testimonials

"The Wisconsin Center For Dairy Research Dairy Safety/Quality Program continues to be a valuable resource to Winona Foods, Inc. to enhance our organizations commitment to Food Safety. We can always count on Marianne to be the go-to-person to provide guidance through regulatory changes, develop and facilitate out-reach educational programs and to provide on-sight training be it HACCP, internal auditing or GMP’s.
The Wisconsin Dairy Industry as a whole is extremely fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, compassionate and commitment by Marianne at our fingertips."

Theresa Hurd
Corporate Quality Assurance Manger
Winona Foods. Inc.

"Marianne has been instrumental in assisting us with pathogen questions and environmental testing. We have called her on several occasions with "what if" situations. She has always communicated openly on how FDA ruling would come into play in the event of a recall situation and how to handle ourselves. Marianne has been a tremendous help in putting our recall program together and understanding the FSMA implementation."

Sandy Toney
Director of Product & Supplier Development
Masters Gallery Foods, Inc

"The work that Marianne and the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research has provided to our producer partners in Wisconsin is commendable. Commitment to food safety and quality assurance is a key measurement for Whole Foods Market team. Marianne has been a key contributor in support of our Wisconsin producers. Together we have evolved the standards that she has developed and supported through the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research. This synergy has led to these standards to being approved for audits at Whole Foods Market."

Cathy Strange
Global Cheese Buyer, National Procurement & Distribution
Whole Foods Market, Inc.

"Every day WI dairy plants address quality and safety- and not a day goes by that a potential problem isn’t lurking around the corner. The Dairy Safety /Quality program of the Center for Dairy Research is unmatched in terms of service and good and knowledgeable staff. Whether it is helping a client develop the best quality program or assisting in a challenging situation the program and staff play a vital role in insuring that WI dairy products are of the highest safety and quality. On many occasions I have watched Marianne Smukowski assist, guide, and counsel dairy plants of all types and sizes, address challenges, meet standards, and plan for a better and safer future."

Norm Monsen
Dairy Markets Consultant

“Marianne has been a tremendous resource to us in the area of food safety and quality. She has provided materials that we have used in our training programs and has visited our plants to perform specific training for plant and lab personnel. Marianne keeps abreast of changes in laws and regulations. We have contacted Marianne over the years to get her perspective and interpretation of changing regulations.”

Chris Simon
VP of Quality Assurance and Product Development