Discover Wiscosnsin Visits CDR to Learn More About Whey.

On October 24 Discover Wisconsin visited CDR to learn more about whey. A growing industry, whey has evolved from a fertilizer and animal feed to a high value product that is used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Be sure to tune in January 25/26 to see CDR's K.J. Burrington share products, information and more with new host, Collin Geraghty. Discover Wisconsin TV station guide.

CDR Cheese Grading Short Course featured in Wisconsin Dairy News

Wisconsin Dairy News: What exactly are cheese taste testers searching for?

by Kacey Persson, Daybreak Producer

MADISON, Wisconsin (WXOW) - If you've attended a cheese judging competition, surely you've seen the judges sniffing, tasting, and rolling pieces of cheese. But exactly what are they looking for in a piece of cheese? In this segment of Wisconsin Dairy News we learn some of the techniques!


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