Communications Staff

The communications group is responsible for showcasing CDR research, activities and sharing that information with the Wisconsin dairy industry, as well as providing quality training and education programs.

Debra Wendorf Boyke
Senior Management Team, Communications Coordinator
As the Communications Coordinator at CDR, Deb manages industry relation activities, plans technical events, coordinates communication work projects and company trainings, plus she oversees all CDR communication outreach efforts. She comes to CDR with more than 30 years of industry experience in the dairy and agriculture industries with a degree in Dairy Science and an emphasis in Agricultural Journalism. She also currently serves as the Executive Director for the U.S. National Committee to the International Dairy Federation. Deb is proud to work with the knowledgeable staff at CDR to promote and assist the dairy industry.
Phone: 608-262-2217 | email

Joanne Gauthier
Associate Outreach Specialist
As an Associate Outreach Specialist at CDR, Joanne coordinates all outreach efforts in regards to short courses and the Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker program curriculum. She has more than 15 years of experience in this position and works closely with cheesemakers around the state to provide education and leadership in the area of cheesemaking. Joanne has a B.S. in Agricultural Journalism with an emphasis in Marketing.
Phone: 608-263-1874 | email

Shelby Anderson
Communications Specialist
Shelby edits the Dairy Pipeline, CDR’s quarterly newsletter, and supports the organization in its mission to promote dairy research and provide technical support and education. He has extensive experience as a writer and editor. For more than a decade, he edited a statewide magazine covering public education. He enjoys working with CDR’s skilled staff and playing a small part in the advancement of the dairy industry.
Phone: 608-262-8015 | email

Tim Hogensen
Graphic Designer Senior
As CDR’s Senior Graphic Designer, Tim designs the Center’s brochures, posters, educational handouts and assists staff with their PowerPoint presentations. He also assists in maintaining the web page and is a departmental resource for computer graphics and digital photography. He spent several years working at a local newspaper as an Image Tech and has been with CDR for more than 20 years. Tim enjoys working with the knowledgeable staff at CDR and is proud to assist the Wisconsin dairy industry in its continued efforts to be a leader in the dairy field.
Phone: 608-265-2133 | email