The Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research (CDR) is one of the premiere dairy research centers in the United States. CDR serves as a national leader in strategic research to improve the competitive position of the dairy industry by linkingCenter/University faculty, staff, students and the dairy/food industries in order to address key issues resulting in the transfer of technology and communication of information.

CDR Scientist

The Center for Dairy Research (CDR) has an exciting opening for a Scientist position in dairy research and cheese cultured products. CDR is seeking an individual who wishes to use their modern microbiological/ molecular techniques to help the Wisconsin Dairy Industry grow. The scientist will develop a research program focused on microbiological topics related to cheese, for example: the microbial ecology of various types of cheese varieties; isolation and identification of specific types of microorganisms in cheese using DNA based techniques; studies to understand causes of cheese defects; impact of raw materials, sanitation practices and manufacturing processes on microbial ecology of cheese. Ph.D. required in Food Science, Bacteriology/Microbiology or related fields. Preferred at least 1 year post PhD. Expertise in microbiological testing of dairy products or bacteria and genomics associated with dairy related microbiota (microbial communities) including yeasts, molds and bacteria. Familiarity with cheese manufacture and food safety practices preferred. Excellent oral and written communications skills. Job posting for CDR Scientist

University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Human Resources