Dr. Mark Johnson Honored

The University of Wisconsin- Madison recently honored, the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) Senior Scientist, Mark Johnson, Ph.D. with the title “Distinguished Scientist”. This title is only given to those who have exhibited “unique and outstanding performance” in a chosen field and are recognized by their peers as an invaluable resource. This title is often deemed the “superstar” title (there is no higher designation for University staff).

A Center employee for more than 30 years, Johnson’s research has been vital to the cheese industry, directly contributing to continued innovation. His work on the calcium lactate crystal defect and his continued participation and leadership with regards to the dairy short courses has impacted the dairy industry in countless ways. Johnson’s research efforts are always selfless, performing the necessary research and then transferring that knowledge directly to industry. Even before he publishes his research, he is thinking of ways to communicate and teach the new information to those that can use it to advance the dairy industry. He is internationally recognized as one of the World’s leading dairy scientists.

Johnson was also awarded the National Cheese Institute’s (NCI) Laureate Award in 2012, an award which is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the development and growth of the U.S. cheese industry. He also received the 1992 American Dairy Science Association Pfizer Award in Cheese and Cultured Products Research and the 2002 University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research.