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Course Dates: October 9-10, 2024, 2023 | Registration opens: July 16, 2024
Registration closes: 2 weeks before course’s start date | Course fee: TBD

Course Description

Take the next step in your sanitation practice with this advanced course that combines hands-on exercises and evaluations with informative lectures. This course takes a deep dive into evaluating equipment cleanability, biofilms, allergens, validation procedures and passivation. We will focus on the problematic components in dairy processing equipment and learn through visuals in the new two-floor CDR Pilot Plant. Join us to enhance your understanding and application of cleaning and sanitation in dairy manufacturing.

Prerequisite: UW-Madison Food Science Cleaning and Sanitization Workshop or Approved work experience (clear in advance with CDR technical contact for this course).

Learning Objectives

  • Define and demonstrate basic cleaning and sanitation principles.
  • Learn how to evaluate equipment cleanability, identify typical problematic components in dairy equipment and demonstrate standard places to inspect equipment.
  • Define what a biolfilm is and how to control them in dairy processing environments.
  • Demonstrate how to perform complete proper tear down procedures.
  • Define what allergens are and identify the best practice for managing allergens.
  • Learn how to establish and conduct effective cleaning validation studies to ensure your cleaning procedures are effective.
  • Identify examples for how to review sanitary design of equipment.
  • Define passivation and describe its function to prolong the life of stainless-steel equipment and its effect on sanitation.

Alex O'Brien - CDR technical course contact
Contact with questions on course content or if this course is right for you.

Heather Cooper - CDR events coordinator
Contact with questions on registration, certificates, or other questions.

Course Instructors: Alex O'Brien | Dean Sommer | Lindsey O’Brien | Industry Partners

Next Advanced Sanitation Course: fall 2025

Certificate of Completion
Certificates will be printed and issued in-person on the final day of each course for all in-person courses.

Agenda Outline

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