What is the TURBO program?

The TURBO program, or Tech Transfer, University, Research and Business Opportunity, is an economic development initiative that supports the commercialization of novel dairy technologies and products. The program was started in 2012 when CDR was awarded one of seven two-year, $1 million i6 challenge grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce to commercialize research ideas that will positively impact economic development.

Whether your company is interested in licensing a CDR technology or working with CDR to develop a novel technology or product, the TURBO program can help bring your idea to the market. CDR’s partners, including those listed below, have graciously offered their assistance and resources to those who work with the CDR TURBO program. This assistance may include technical support, reimbursable grants, market research or another form of business assistance. For more details visit the TURBO website or contact TURBO Manager vgrassman@cdr.wisc.edu

TURBO is Available to Help Entrepreneurs & Intrepreneurs Succeed

Successfully navigating the food technology space can be difficult, which is why the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) started the TURBO program (Tech Transfer, University Research and Business Opportunity), a fee-for-service Business Accelerator designed to connect food companies with the resources they need to succeed. Serving as a complete package for start-ups or growing companies who are interested in the food technology sector, the TURBO program provides companies with access to a number of product development and business planning resources including regulatory and financing assistance, economic development financing programs and workforce development information.

With so many resources, the TURBO program has something to offer companies at every stage of business development. We invite you to view the TURBO program video below to learn more about the program offerings and to learn how TURBO can help you to succeed in the food technology space. Together, we can work to create a vibrant food industry by encouraging more innovation and entrepreneurship. Vic Grassman, CEcD | Phone: 608-512-6661 | email vgrassman@cdr.wisc.edu

TURBO Partners

CDR is honored to partner with the following organizations for the TURBO program: CDR TURBO Available Technologies

For more information on the TURBO Program click here.