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South Dakota DBIA State Collaborator - South Dakota Department of Agriculture

Economic Development Financing and Resources

Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED)

  • Contacts: Kyle Peters, 605-773-5652 and Curtis Egan, 605.360.9775
  • For dairy farms:
    • Rural Development Ag Loan Participation Loan, up to 80%, maximum of $500,000, low fixed rate
    • Livestock Loan Participation, up to 50%, maximum of $200,000, low fixed rate, max. 7 years
    • Conduit Bond Financing, tax exempt bonds for qualifying beginning farmers, ag processing business, or solid waste disposal expenses for livestock projects
  • For dairy processing:
    • Conduit Bond Financing, tax-exempt bonds for qualifying beginning farmers, ag processing business, ag businesses involved in processing or manufacturing
    • Revolving Economic Development & Initiative (REDI) Fund, permanent financing for land, building, machinery, equipment, low, fixed interest rate, job creation required, but waived for multi-family workforce housing projects
  • Dairy Farms and Processing:
    • Reinvestment Payment Program, assists companies in offsetting the upfront costs associated with relocating or expanding operations and/or upgrading equipment, etc.

South Dakota State SBA Office

SBA 504 Certified Development Corporations (CDCs)

USDA Rural Development – South Dakota State Office

Workforce Agency - South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation

  • Post open positions in your company, wage rates, wage subsidy programs, employee handbook information, training program subsidies, regulatory requirements for hiring employees
Exporting Dairy Product Resources

Food Export Midwest

Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory Resources

South Dakota Department of Agriculture

  • Contact: Heather Rogers, Dairy Program Manager, 605-590-0285

State Statutes and Rules

  • Chapter 39-6 and 40-32, Article 12:05 and 12:17
  • Bottled raw milk for human consumption, Article 12:81

South Dakota Department of Health

  • Contacts: John Osburn, 605.394.6064 and Dustin Larsen, 605.668.5422

South Dakota State University Food Safety

Recall Program (required by Food Safety Modernization Act-FSMA)

Market Information and Planning, Branding Resources

Midwest Dairy

Product Development Resources

South Dakota Innovation Partners

South Dakota State University - Davis Dairy Plant

  • Grade A plant and pilot plant, cheese, process cheese, butter ice cream, beverages, dried dairy product manufacturing, membrane processing, evaporation, spray drying, novel processing technologies; Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing (IDIP), membrane filtration, spray drying, packaging at scale, Alfred Laboratory, compositional analysis of products and ingredients.
  • Contacts: John Haberkom, Dairy Plant Manager and Steve Beckman, IDIP Manager