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Market Intelligence: Export Opportunities

The DBIA has built upon its initial market research to develop sensory profiles of Asian food products and provide insights to U.S. cheesemakers.

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Market Intelligence: Import Displacement

The DBIA has built upon its initial market research to inform U.S. dairy businesses about opportunities for displacing current imported goat and sheep cheeses.

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DBIA Interview Series

Learn from successful dairy farmers and processors. Hear how they got started, what challenges they faced and what advice they have for dairy start-ups.

Interview with Dreamfarm

Dreamfarm, Diana Murphy | Cross Plains, Wisconsin |

Dreamfarm is a small, certified organic, farmstead cheese operation with dairy goats and 1 Jersey cow. Dreamfarm's products include: fresh Chèvre; a small crottin-style cheese called Rosebud and Rosebud with ash; a small bloomy rind cheese called Roseblossom; Roseblossom cheese marinated in olive oil, chili pepper, oregano and garlic; and a raw milk, washed-curd cheese with natural rind called Winter’s rest. They also make 4 cow’s milk cheeses: Arthur (raw milk, washed-curd cheese), Mozzarella (hand-stretched), Queso Fresco, Table Bluff (mixed goat- and cow-milk aged, washed-curd cheese with natural rind) and a caramel sauce.

Interview with Kelley Country Creamery

Kelley Country Creamery, Karen Kelley | Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Kelley Country Creamery is a family-owned shop overlooking the family’s dairy farm where they make ice cream in a rotating selection of original flavors. Karen and Tim Kelley, and their five children – Amie, Betsy, Heidi, Molly and Clark – operate a 200-acre farmstead dairy and tend the 65 Holsteins that provide the Grade A milk for their Creamery. The Kelley’s are committed to sustainable agriculture, recognized for their farming practices, and keep their cows on green pastures, weather permitting, which is important for milk quality and taste.

Interview with McComish Family Farms

McComish Family Farms, Amber McComish | Darlington, Wisconsin

The McComish family has been working the land in Seymour township since 1874. They milk 220 cows and crop 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. Their dream was to create a product from their milk. They researched and taste tested to find a product and now make gelato, which is like ice cream but creamier with less fat.

Their store, Lucky Cow Coffee and Gelato, is located on Main Street in Darlington, Wisconsin where they sell their fresh gelato, baked goods, coffee, and non-coffee drinks.

Interview with Rolling Lawns Farm

Rolling Lawns Farm, Michael Turley, Greenville, Illinois

Rolling Lawns Farm is nestled among the quiet rolling hills of southwestern Illinois, a century-long family tradition is humbly re-defining the way we see dairy. Not through fancy labels or technological frills, but milk as pure as the lineage of the iconic Holstein cows that produce it. Where care and passion for the animal are passed on through the product, just as our standards for delivering the highest quality milk have been proudly shared through generations. An unmistakable freshness from the farm, bottled for the discerning chef and everyday food lover who demand nothing short of the highest quality ingredients. It’s not milk the way it used to be, it’s milk the way we’ve done it at Rolling Lawns Farm for more than 100 years.

Interview with George Crave

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, Waterloo, Wisconsin

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese is a farmstead cheese plant across the road from the family’s dairy farm. All of Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics are made with their farm fresh milk and is produced with renewable energy. Crave Brothers makes fresh Mozzarella, sweet cream Mascarpone, chocolate Mascarpone, fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds, Farmers Rope String Cheese, and other varieties of Mozzarella.

Interview with Alise Sjostrom

Redhead Creamery, Brooten, Minnesota

Redhead Creamery has been making ridiculously good, artisan cheese on their family dairy farm since 2013. The vision for this sustainable
and eco-friendly creamery has been a dream of founder (and natural redhead) Alise Sjostrom’s since she was 16.

Interview with Laura Klock

Farm Life Creamery, Ethan, South Dakota

Farm Life Creamery makes handcrafted small-batch artisan cheese using Grade A milk from their family's Holstein herd, which is located just 3 miles down the road from the plant. Their products include Cheddar cheese curds, available in local stores, in their farm store, via delivery to local businesses, and online. Their handcrafted cheese is available on-site at their farm store. They will soon have freshly bottled milk for pick-up.

Interview with Clara Hedrich

LaClare Family Creamery, Malone, Wisconsin

LaClare Family Creamery is a true farmstead operation founded in 1978 with a foundation that is rooted in artistry, family values and hard work. In the late 70’s, Larry and Clara Hedrich bought a “hobby farm” in the heart of America’s Dairyland. Along with their homestead, they inherited two goats, a dozen or so chickens and pair of peacocks. Little did they realize, the goats would soon become the focal point of the lives of their growing family.

Interview with Bob Howard

Country View Dairy, Hawkeye, Iowa

Country View Dairy sells yogurt as well as a variety of other locally made dairy products and foods in their farm store, online or to a variety of area stores. Country View Dairy products include: original yogurt (black cherry, blueberry, peach, plain, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry banana, and vanilla); Greek yogurt (aronia blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, peach, lemon custard, and plain); frozen yogurt, sour cream, and whole milk.

Interview with Jack Heinemann

Specialty Cheese, Inc., Reeseville, Wisconsin

In 1991, Specialty Cheese Inc. purchased five old cheese factories dating back to the 1860’s. In 2003, they purchased the local high school and converted it into a cheese factory. Since then, they have modernized and expanded. Over the past 25 years, they have developed authentic and innovative cheeses, tripled employment and are proud of their team. They make paneer, ghee, Hispanic cheeses, Middle Eastern cheeses, frying cheese, and crunchy baked cheese snacks called Just the Cheese.

Interview with Paul Bauer

Ellsworth Creamery, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Ellsworth Dairy Cooperative is based in the Heart of Wisconsin’s Dairyland in the town of Ellsworth. Produced with milk from our 300+ patron family dairy farms, white cheddar cheese curds and specialty artisan cheese from Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery are crafted using the highest quality ingredients and over 100 years of cheese making experience.