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As we all work through this rapidly changing situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), Center for Dairy Research’s (CDR) priority is to keep you, and our employees, safe.

We continue to follow the University’s and Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations, while at the same time working to fulfill our commitments to you, our industry partners. We are also following the guidance provided by various other organizations (see list below).

At this point in time, CDR is planning on conducting currently scheduled essential trials but this could change at any time as campus continues to evaluate who will be allowed to work on campus. Some staff are working at Babcock Hall to conduct essential and planned research (they may only be working as needed in the building and working remotely the rest of the time) while others are working exclusively from home. All staff that are working remotely from home, are available for work related calls, emails, and virtual meetings as needed. In addition, we have implemented the following as precautionary measures to protect the health and well-being of everyone:

  • All short courses through May 15 have been cancelled. The situation will be re-evaluated at that time. We are exploring online options for those short courses that don’t have a lab component.
  • CheeseExpo2020 and our Spring CDR Industry Team Meeting are postponed.
  • Essential travel, defined as activities that support research, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person, is limited and needs campus approval.
  • Only essential projects and research will continue, with limited staff coming into Babcock Hall at staggered times to do very specific tasks, then returning home. All will be practicing social distancing as well as the CDC recommended guidelines. For those that have already scheduled trials, CDR staff will check in with you to determine status and discuss if it can be postponed or if it is time sensitive.
  • We will be using web -based meetings with clients to reduce person to person contact, for the foreseeable future.

The situation is fluid and continues to change daily. We will be posting updates to our operations schedule as needed. Our number one goal will continue to be doing what is necessary to ensure the safety of our staff and our clients, while also trying to support industry and ongoing research.

Thank you,
John A. Lucey, Director
Updated 4/8/2020