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Session 1, First Half

CDR Industry Interactions

John Lucey, CDR Director, Welcome and Tom Guerin, Process Group Manager

Session 1, Second Half

Cheese Industry and Applications Update | Cheese Research Group Update

John Jaeggi, Cheese Industry & Applications Coordinator, Mark Johnson, Distinguished Scientist and Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, Senior Scientist

Session 2

CDR Short Courses and Training for Remainder of 2020

Deb Wendorf Boyke, Communications Coordinator and Joanne Gauthier, Associate Outreach Specialist

Future Programs/Capabilities in CDR

John Lucey, CDR Director

CDR Program Updates

Cheese End User Update | Dean Sommer, Cheese & Food Technologist

Dairy Ingredients, Beverages, and Cultured Products Update | Kimberlee (K.J.) Burrington, Dairy Ingredient, Cultured Products and Beverages Coordinator

Masters/Safety Update | Marianne Smukowski, Dairy Safety & Quality Coordinator

TURBO Program Update | Vic Grassman, Technology Commercialization Manager

Dairy Processing Group | Tom Guerin, Process Group Manager

CDR Communications | Deb Wendorf Boyke, Communications Coordinator