CDR Success Story: Uplands Cheese

“As a farmer, I knew very little about making cheese,” said Mike Gingrich, owner of Uplands Cheese Company in Dodgeville, Wisconsin and a proud dairy short course student. “So, a few years ago I decided to attend a dairy short course at CDR to learn a little bit more. That short course was really my introduction to cheesemaking. While I was attending the course I met several of the teachers and staff at CDR including John Jaeggi and Mark Johnson, both cheese experts who were willing to listen to my ideas and answer my questions.”

During the short course CDR staff and Gingrich discussed the possible development of a hand-crafted cheese that would be based on the French style cheese, Beaufort.

“The staff was intrigued by my idea,” said Gingrich. “So we made some test batches and they helped me to figure out the make procedure for what is now known as Pleasant Ridge Reserve.”

Today, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the only cheese to win the American Cheese Society’s Best of Show three times. They also won Best of Show at the U.S. Cheese Championship.