CDR is the world's premier dairy research center with more than 15 staff members dedicated to cheese research and applications. CDR cheese research, lead by Senior Scientists Mark Johnson and Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, focuses on understanding the various aspects of cheese, as well as the microbes that affect safety, quality, texture and flavor. Research projects include, the study of gas formers in cheese and other defects, nonenzymatic browning of mozzarella, the survival and effects of bacteria including Listeria monocytogene, and much more.


In 1890 the first dairy foods short course in the United States was established at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since then, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Food Science, and the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research have been leaders in research and outreach education beneficial to the dairy industry and consumers. The UW Food Science Department and Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research continue to provide quality outreach education to fit the expanded needs of the food industry in today’s environment.


More than 30 researchers and scientists are involved in conducting basic and applied dairy research that explores the functional, flavor and physical properties of cheese/cheese products and other milk components used as ingredients and as finished products. CDR researchers are here to assist the dairy industry in developing and testing dairy products that will exceed consumer expectations while providing customers with a safe, wholesome product. In addition to troubleshooting and training, CDR outreach efforts also include a communication group that is available to help with any outreach need. From publications and media relations to continuing education the group is available to assist with any communication related need.


The TURBO program or Tech Transfer, University, Research and Business Opportunity program, is an economic development initiative that will support the commercialization of novel dairy technologies and products. Whether your company is interested in licensing a CDR technology or working with CDR to develop a novel technology or product, the TURBO program can help bring you idea to the market. CDR's partners have graciously offered their assistance and resources to those who work with the CDR TURBO program. This assistance may include technical support, reimbursable grants, market research or another form of business assistance. A website with TURBO program information will be available following the official launch of the program in April.

For those who would like to learn more or begin discussing a technology now, please contact
TURBO manager, Vic Grassman | phone: 608-512-6661 | email