Dairy Processing

We provide industry and researchers with strategic technical information concerning processes involving fractionation, concentration or drying of milk, whey and whey proteins. The Processing group is made up of individuals with decades of industry experience in processing milk and whey products. They consult and advise dairy companies, equipment companies, researchers, buyers and end users of dairy products regarding the science, technology, equipment options and economics of milk and whey fractionation and processing. The Processing Group has several publications with current technical information on membrane function, product mass balances for milk and whey fractionation, and technical information on the processes used for fractionation, concentration and drying of milk and whey products.


The Processing group operates and maintains a pilot lab with state-of-the-art equipment to process and fractionate milk and whey products. These facilities are available for industry use. Examples of equipment include various membrane units (RO, UF, NF, MF), a pilot scale plate evaporator and a pilot spray dryer. Other equipment includes homogenizers, pasteurizers and other novel filtration systems. The pilot plant is also equipped to manufacture some of the fast growing soft dairy products such as concentrated yogurts.

Contact: Mike Molitor | molitor@cdr.wisc.edu | 608-265-5919