Cheese Industry and Applications

Overview: We work on innovative strategic research, technology, product development, outreach and continuing education. From Cheddar to Sweet Swiss, Queso Fresco to Juustolepia, bloomy to surface ripened cheeses CDR’s licensed cheesemakers and dairy researchers are here to serve as a technical resource in the development, troubleshooting and utilization of cheese products. We bring extensive knowledge derived from our basic research programs in addition to practical hands-on expertise to optimize cheese flavor, texture and performance alone or as a food ingredient.


Our staff provides an array of services to the cheese industry. It may be as simple as an expert opinion to a routine question or it may involve cheesemaking trials. Our staff is available to work with partners to determine their goals and objectives and then set up, design and carry out cheese trials. Contracted trials may involve testing ingredients, developing new cheeses, optimizing flavor and performance in existing cheeses, or simply finding answers to your questions. We also have a full application kitchen with cooking options similar to restaurants large and small. This allows us to evaluate how cheese tastes and functions in various food applications. Additionally, we have analysts who can conduct compositional, chemical, microbiological, sensory and functional testing, on both routine and cutting edge products.

Contact: John Jaeggi | | 608-262-2264