TURBO is Available to Help Entrepreneurs & Intrepreneurs Succeed

Successfully navigating the food technology space can be difficult, which is why the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) started the TURBO program (Tech Transfer, University Research and Business Opportunity), a fee-for-service Business Accelerator designed to connect food companies with the resources they need to succeed. Serving as a complete package for start-ups or growing companies who are interested in the food technology sector, the TURBO program provides companies with access to a number of product development and business planning resources including regulatory and financing assistance, economic development financing programs and workforce development information.

With so many resources, the TURBO program has something to offer companies at every stage of business development. We invite you to view the TURBO program video below to learn more about the program offerings and to learn how TURBO can help you to succeed in the food technology space. Together, we can work to create a vibrant food industry by encouraging more innovation and entrepreneurship. Vic Grassman, CEcD | Phone: 608-512-6661 | email vgrassman@cdr.wisc.edu

CDR Overview

The Center for Dairy Research is available to assist the dairy industry through cutting-edge research, practical education and outreach. From product development and testing to custom courses, CDR is proud to contribute to the dairy industry's success through our many services. We invite you to watch this five minute video to learn more about what CDR has to offer.

CDR Cheese Industry and Applications Program

The Cheese Industry and Applications Program works to build a sustainable competitive advantage for the domestic cheese industry through leadership in innovative strategic research, technology, product development, outreach and continuing education. From Cheddar to Sweet Swiss, Queso Fresco to Juustolepia, bloomy to surface ripened CDR’s licensed cheesemakers and dairy researchers are here to serve as a technical resource in the development, troubleshooting and utilization of cheese products. To learn more about these services and how the CDR Cheese Industry and Applications Program can help your company to grow please view the following video.
For more information please contact Gina Mode | Phone: 608-262-2253 | email gmode@cdr.wisc.edu

CDR Sensory Program

The CDR sensory program provides clients with a wide-variety of sensory testing methods backed by more than 200 years of combined dairy-industry experience. Through expert screening, descriptive panels and consumer panels, the CDR sensory program can help your company to better understand the sensory attributes of your dairy-based product. Sensory testing can also be conducted in conjunction with chemical analysis, troubleshooting and application assistance, so we encourage you to watch the video and then reach out to us to see what we can do to help your company exceed consumer expectation. For more information please contact the program coordinator, Pat Polowsky ppolowsky@cdr.wisc.edu

CDR Cultured Products Program

The Cultured Products Program focuses on the development of yogurt, yogurt drinks, fermented milks, Greek yogurt and sour cream. Supported by staff with a thorough knowledge of the processes and ingredients needed to develop a variety of cultured products, the program provides development and troubleshooting support for ingredient suppliers and cultured products manufacturers. The following video highlights our service in greater detail.
For more information please contact the program coordinator, KJ Burrington burrington@cdr.wisc.edu

CDR Safety and Quality Program

The Center for Dairy Research Safety and Quality program is a committed partner in your efforts to produce safe, high-quality and wholesome dairy products. We offer a number of services to assist companies in meeting such goals including third party audits, consultations and more. The following video highlights our service in greater detail and outlines what you can expect from our third party audits. For more information please contact the program coordinator, Marianne Smukowski msmuk@cdr.wisc.edu