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One of benefits of being a CDR Industry Team member is first access to all dairy food-related research ongoing at CDR and UW-Madison during the annual CDR Research Forum. Below you will find each of the research project presentations from the November 1 & 2 Research Forum.
Research Forum Agenda | Non-Student Speaker and Moderator Profiles

We are proud of our graduate students. Check out the profiles of several students who are interested in a career in the dairy industry following graduation.
Student Profiles

Day 1 | Tuesday, November 1st

Welcome and Center for Dairy Research Updates
Dr. John Lucey, CDR

Biofermentation Track
Mining microbial genomes and a “whey” to ferment dairy residues into valuable chemicals.
Dr. Tim Donohue, WEI Director, Ira L. Baldwin Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW Foundation Fetzer-Bascom Professor

Microbial conversion of acid whey and other dairy waste streams to bioplastics.
Dr. Erica Majumder, Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Microbial engineering of microorganisms to create value-added chemicals.
Dr. Victor Ujor, Assistant Professor of Food Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dairy Innovation Hub: New Professor Showcase
Dr. Joseph Pierre, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dr. Grace Lewis, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Functionality & Applications Track
Innovative approaches to increase the shelf-life of string cheese and fresh cheese curds.

Maggie Becher, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Shelf-stable snacks made by extrusion of cheese.
Jason Pronschinske, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Improving the functionality of frozen and super chilled shredded cheese during extended storage.
Philip Eberly, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Application of select dairy ingredients to enhance shelf-life, physical properties, and sensory attributes of high protein frozen dairy desserts.
Sam VanWees, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Day 2 | Wednesday, November 2nd

Health Track
Introduction: What are we hearing? Misconceptions with dairy and health.

Dr. John Lucey, CDR

Impact of farm environment on key bioactive components in breast milk.

Anastasia Tackett, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Manufacture of natural cheeses containing bioactive peptides with improved
antihypertensive properties.

Benjamin Iesalnieks, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Strategies to inhibit development of biogenic amines and associate defects.

John Larsen, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Whey-fortified fermented milk inhibiting intestinal inflammation.

Dr. Yu Hasegawa, UW-Madison Postdoctoral Research Fellow

New Project Updates

Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes on cheese ripening surfaces.
Dr. Tu-Anh Huynh, Assistant Professor of Food Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Modelling the functionality of Mozzarella cheese.
Aakash Varsha Swaminathan, UW-Madison Graduate Student

Controlling sedimentation during storage of high protein UHT beverages.
Ashlyn Schnell, UW-Madison Graduate Student