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Hot Topics in Cheese Research

Use of Lactose Standardization and Extrusion Technology for Manufacture of Colby Cheese
Hong Jiang, Researcher, CDR

A Toolkit Approach to Extend the Performance Shelf-Life of Cheese
Luis A. Jiménez-Maroto, Assistant Coordinator, Cheese Applications and Industry
Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, Distinguished Scientist, Cheese Research

Cheese Technology for Artisan Cheese Manufacturers

Exploring Automation & Artisan Cheese Manufacturing Equipment
Pere Cullell, Tecnical, Spain & Amelie Curis, Fromagex, Canada

Understanding and Reviewing Current Technology of Plastic Cheese Molds
Miguel Rolo, Busqui, Spain

Creating the Correct Aging Room Environment for your Cheeses
Frédéric Lafforgue, Air Quality Process, France
Séverine Dolci, Air Quality Process, France

Technical Considerations for Packaging your Surface Ripened Cheese
Philippe Beyssier, Brodart, France

Cheese Cutting and Packaging Equipment Solutions for the Artisan
Marty Juneau, HART Design & Manufacturing, USA

Overview of Technologies at the Center for Dairy Research
Andy Johnson, Assistant Coordinator, Cheese & Industry Applications


Hot Topics in Food Safety Success

Foreign Material Prevention
Alex O’Brien
Food Safety / Quality Coordinator, CDR

Recent Research Findings and Solutions to Control Listeria
Kathleen Glass, Ph.D., Associate Director, Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hot Topics in Cheese Quality Cheesemaking

Three Common Quality Challenges Impacting Consistent Production of High-Quality Cheese
John Jaeggi, Cheese Industry and Applications Coordinator, CDR

Starters vs Bacteriophage:The Battle Continues

Rebecca Hohlstein, Cheese Industry and Applications Assistant Coordinator, CDR

Keys to Managing Your Salt Brine

Dean Sommer, Cheese and Food Technologist, CDR

Creating an Effective Cheese Grading Program

Why You Need an Effective Internal Cheese Grading Program
Dean Sommer, Cheese and Food Technologist, CDR

Grading Definitions and Methods

Michael Pederson, Food and Dairy Sanitarian, WDATCP, Div. of Food Safety

Aspirations: What an Effective Program Should Look Like
Brandon Prochaska, Sensory Coordinator, CDR

Action: Next Steps, Training, and Problem Solving
Brandon Prochaska, Sensory Coordinator, CDR