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A Video Walk through of the New CDR Addition

New CDR Addition

Dr. John Lucey, CDR Director

CDR 2020 Industry Interactions and COVID Impact

Tom Guerin, Research Program Manager, CDR

Safety/Quality Applications

Alex O’Brien, Safety/Quality Applications, CDR

Communications/Training Update

Deb Wendorf Boyke & Pat Polowsky, CDR

Dairy Products & Processing Technology

Tom Guerin, Research Program Manager, CDR

DBIA Update

Karen Nielsen & Vic Grassman, DBIA, CDR

TURBO Update

Vic Grassman, TURBO, CDR

End User, Industry & Training Support

Dean Sommer, CDR

Cheese Applications and Cheese Research

John Jaeggi and Rani Govindasamy-Lucey, CDR

CDR 2021- A look Ahead

John Lucey, CDR Director